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welcome to trash.

There are a few things we need from you before we can get started.

You can come back to this checklist any time and continue to work through the steps.

onboarding checklist.

Complete the onboarding questionnaire

After you've completed the onboarding questionnaire, schedule your deep-dive auditing call, where we'll gain a deeper understanding of your business and your target market

Add Trash to your Google Analytics with the email

Add Trash to your Google Search Console with the email

Add Trash to your Google Merchant Centre with the email

Add Trash to your Google My Business listing with the email

Go to your Shopify Admin, go to the 'Users and Permissions' page and find the 'Collaborators' section. There you'll see we've requested to become Collaborators on your store. Please accept the request.

Please ensure that you allow the following permissions:

General staff permissions

 - Home

 - Reports 

 - Dashboards 

 - Marketing

 - Discounts

App and channel access permissions

 - Manage and install apps and channels

Add Trash to your Facebook Business Manager. Follow the instructions via the button below, and you'll use our Business Manager ID which is 430846817366762

When adding Trash, please ensure the correct permissions are granted.

Add Trash to your Amazon Seller Central account with the email

Take a screenshot/s of your Etsy shop analytics and send it through to

Add Trash to your email marketing platform with the email

If you use Hotjar or any similar software / apps to analyse visitor behaviour on your site, please give Trash access to this

If you use any other tracking or analytics software/apps, please give Trash access to this also. (e.g. Oribi, Dashthis).

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