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marketing was a dirty word

until we came to clean it up.

Digital Ads, Website Optimisation and Social Media campaigns that get life-changing results for world-changing brands.

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better marketing.

mad results, maximum impact

You've got a world-changing product that's designed to do good.

But you can't change the world if nobody knows you're there.

It's time to rise above the sea of greenwashed corporations and become the force of good the world needs right now.

We leverage our team's extensive specialisations to get results that kick ass in the digital space from all fronts.

If you're ready to scale your business and leave this world a better place than you found it, it's time to talk Trash with us.

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our mish.

We're on a mission to make marketing a force for good.

Marketing generates wealth, attention and authority that can be used for positive change.

We want to be a part of that change and help like-minded businesses who do too.

Marketing was a dirty word, until trash came along to clean it up.

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what we do.

mo money, mo power to change.

We help online brands flourish by getting you in front of the people who share your values.

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the revenue growth

an extensive action plan that identifies any gaps in your digital presence and gives you a comprehensive guide on how to fix all the issues getting in the way of revenue growth.

digital ads.

paid online advertising


Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Pinterest Ads

Youtube Ads

Spotify Ads

LinkedIn Ads 


your online shopfront


Website Design

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Speed Optimisation

Landing pages


social media.

social marketing


Social Media Strategy

Content Creation

Community Management

Social Listening



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Read how we quadrupled revenue for en e-com brand an increased the store's average order value by 70% in just three months.

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let's talk shop.

book a time for a call and we'll chat about what you need to go from meh to heck!

drop us a line.

Nice! We'll get back to you soon.

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don't take our word for it.

remarkable results.

“The results of the work of Mateus Marketing is remarkable and the interactions with the business team is effortless. I can highly recommend this business and their work.” 

ann adams.

montvale at montville

“The results of the work of Mateus Marketing is remarkable and the interactions with the business team is effortless. I can highly recommend this business and their work.” 


montvale at montville

clive adams.

true to my vision.

“I can’t thank Katie and Marco enough for their quick turnaround time and final product. They turned my vision into my website”

michael wallace.

Enigma cocktail bar & restaurant

can do.

“I've worked with Katie Mateus for a solid 6 years, she is the 'can do' in what we achieve.  She can pivot on a dime, being able to target exactly the sellable point, quantify it, and get the word out.


No matter the product, she understands the market and the consumer intrinsically.”

melissa o'bryan.


love our work?

click this box to leave feedback of your own - call us prince charles, cuz we're all ears. 

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our deets.

if contact forms aren't your thing.


92 Main Street, Montville
QLD 4560 Australia

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