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Ten Top Podcasts for Eco-Entrepreneurs

Who doesn’t love a podcast? There’s no better way to learn from other eco-entrepreneurs, keep up with industry news, and get inspiration from leaders in the field.

But with so many different podcasts out there, you can spend as long hunting for a good one as you do listening to the episode itself. So, we’re saving you some time by pulling together our list of the top ten podcasts that eco-entrepreneurs need in their lives.

1. Green Biz 350: Joel Makower and Heather Clancy

Green Biz 350 is a weekly podcast featuring guest speakers from a wide range of businesses. They share practical insights and case studies showcasing what other brands are doing to become more eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint.

2. The Sustainability Agenda: Fergal Byrne

With episodes discussing the biggest sustainability questions facing people and businesses, the Sustainability Agenda is a well-established favourite in the green sector. Guests range from writers, to academics, to CEOs. Expect high-level thought leadership and ideas that challenge and inspire from this weekly podcast.

3. The Circular Economy Show: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Based on the Isle of Wight, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation was founded to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Its podcast, the Circular Economy Show, comes out once a fortnight and features discussions on all aspects of reaching a circular economy.

4. Mindful Businesses: Vidhya Iyer

There’s a lot we can learn from the experiences of others in a similar boat. That’s why the Mindful Businesses podcast from Vidhya Iyer is such a gem. Each week’s episode features a different sustainable business owner talking about the highs and lows of their journey so far.

5. Trash Talking with Eco Warriors: Barbara Lee

Environmentalist, Barbara Lee, is the host of the wonderfully named Trash Talking with Eco Warriors podcast. Weekly episodes feature inspiring female entrepreneurs and business experts whose green companies are changing the world.

6. The Sustainable Jungle: Sustainable Jungle

Australian-based podcast, the Sustainable Jungle, aims to drive change by featuring inspiring stories from eco-entrepreneurs around the globe. As well as business owners, the podcast welcomes others working for a more sustainable future. Episodes come out roughly once a month.

7. Hey Change: Ann Therese Gennari

Suitable for individuals and business owners alike, the Hey Change podcast hosts activists, changemakers, and experts from around the world. Inspiring stories and probing discussions will remind you why you launched your eco-friendly business in the first place.

8. Spirit of 608: Lorraine Sanders

Fashion journalist, Lorraine Sanders, is the host of the Spirit of 608 podcast. Episodes focus on women working to create purpose-driven businesses. Lorraine’s background in journalism and PR shows – there’s plenty of practical advice on marketing and finding your audience.

9. Conscious Chatter: Kestrel Jenkins

If your business focuses on sustainable fashion, Conscious Chatter is the podcast for you. It discusses the major issues in fashion today and the role of environmentally friendly brands in leading the way to change.

10. Business with Purpose: Molly Stillman

From its launch in 2016, the Business with Purpose podcast has sat at the intersection between business and sustainability. Guests talk each week about their own experiences in creating and leading businesses that marry their ethics with financial success.

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